Health Benefits of Broccoli and Celery Juice

Raw broccoli is packed with spectacular and unique disease fighters. It is abundant in a variety of very strong anti-oxidants like quercetin, glutathione, beta carotene, indoles, vitamin C, lutein, glucarate and sulphoraphane. This synergy of anti-oxidants make broccoli a very good food for anti-cancer activities, particularly against cancers of the breast, cervical, prostate, colon and… Read More »

Energize Your Day With Strawberry Beet Juice

Beats are amazing for revitalizing your health. They have shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. Try mixing a few strawberries, they taste great together. This is an example of another healthy way to give your body extra energy, and remove buildup from your colon.

Health Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

The concept of the Paleo Diet is based on various anthropological studies regarding the diet of early humans. Apparently, our bodies are better suited for the ancient diet during the Paleolithic era which happened between 2.5 million years and 10,000 years ago. The Neolithic era which ushered in agriculture, drastically changed our ancestors’ hunting-gatherer lifestyle and eating… Read More »

The Low-Residue Diet

Consuming a low-residue diet can help decrease bleeding, pain and other symptoms during severe flare-ups. One option to try is a diet, designed to reduce the amount of dietary fiber and residue that goes through your digestive system. When followed correctly, a low-fiber diet can help reduce your most painful symptoms, such as abdominal cramps and bloating. While a low-residue… Read More »

Health Benefits of Watercress

A South Dakota State University scientist’s research shows an extract made from a food plant in the Brassica family was effective in alleviating signs of ulcerative colitis, and inflammatory bowel disease.  The ongoing study by associate professor Moul Dey in SDSU’s Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences — funded by the National Institutes of Health —… Read More »

Healthy Bacteria

The bacteria inside your GI tract play an important role in the health of the mucosal immune system of your entire digestive tract. They also aid in the production of antibodies to protect against pathogens. Healthy bacteria even cause your immune system to distinguish between pathogens and non-harmful antigens, and to respond appropriately. This important function prevents your immune system from… Read More »

Reducing Steroids (Prednisone)

Some ulcerative colitis patients are able to taper of prednisone entirely. Tapering steroids (also called corticosteroids or glucosteroids) while at a high dose is often not so difficult, since in a way your body is oversaturated with them. However, at a lower dose some of your symptoms may return, especially when the steroid tapering is done… Read More »

Preventing Colon Infammation

The best way to prevent ulcerative colitis is to avoid chronic inflammation which hides unseen and unfelt in the body. Only when your symptoms persist, will your realize your diet is responsible for sapping your health. Knowing how to choose the right foods makes a major change in your overall health.

The Kemetic Diet: Ancient Wisdom For Colitis

In the late 20th century, the failure of the modern medical establishment’s ability to treat and heal the general public, prompted a new movement towards “alternative medicine”. Read Plate 13: The Digestive System – Guidelines for correct eating habits – Colonic therapy.       For Free .pdf Version (Copy the link below)

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