Garlics Healing Properties




It would be amazing if cancer could be prevented by just taking garlic food supplements? Scientists have been studying this theory through controlled research with real results. Here is an excerpt from an article originally published in Explore! Volume 2, Number 2 titled “Taking Garlic Supplements Prevents Cancer” by Morton Walker, D.P.M. detailing some of the experiments.

Although there have been numerous public health recommendations to modify diet as a prevention of cancer, all represent educated guesses based on population studies and not rigorous research findings. The new NCI effort is the first scientific attempt to prevent cancer by intervening with active nutri­tional procedures instead of simply removing exposure to carcinogens, such as those in fatty meats. automobile exhausts, cigarette smoke. ultra­ violet rays. and X-rays.

At the First World Congress on Garlic in Biology and Medicine, scientists speculated that one reason garlic pro­tects against cancer is its ability to help the body inactivate, metabolize, and eliminate cancer-causing substances without damage. Some also believe that garlic enhances the body’s immune system. For instance, biologist Dr. Michael Wargovich and his colleagues at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center reported a series of studies testing the cancer prevention power of garlic. In one, they gave mice the diallyl sulfide (a compound from garlic) before exposing the animals to 1 , 2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH), a chemical known to cause colon cancer. The mice receiving diallyl sulfide developed 75 percent fewer tumors than the control mice who did not receive diallyl sulfide.

In other studies, University of Minne­sota researchers Dr. Lee Wattenberg and Dr. George Barany gave mice four sulfur-containing compounds derived from both garlic and onions. The mice were then exposed to a chemical car­cinogen , benzoapyrene , known to cause cancer of the stomach and the lungs. Those treated with the garlic’s compounds, such as allyl methyl trisulfide and diallyl sulfide, developed 70 percent fewer cancers.

Because chemical carcinogens are known to bind to DNA and induce cancer, aged garlic extract strongly in­hibits the development of breast cancer induced by DMBA. According to Dr. Milner, the results of the study “un­derscore the importance” of dietary factors in cancer prevention. They also combine with the results of other studies to indicate the tremendous potential of garlic in preventing cancer.

It’s encouraging to know that real studies are being conducted regarding such a seemingly simple cure. Hopefully, one day in the near future simple garlic will be prescribed to truly prevent, treat, or manage this devastating disease.

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