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Asacol is a brand name drug which is known in the generic world as mesalamine. This medication is often prescribed to ulcerative colitis patients early on during the treatment phases.  Some people use this drug as their maintenance drug for many months or even years.

Asacol is unique in that unlike some other medications, it is made with a special outer capsule that enables it to travel through much of the gastro intestinal tract intact before it starts to release itself.  Basically, the outside of the pill doesn’t break down early on, it is supposed to make its way near your colon before it releases its medicine inside. When I was prescribed this medication, I was told that the pill only releases itself once it hits a certain Ph level that exists only in the colon.

Asacol is a medication which is considered an anti-inflammatory medication.  One of its main goals is to try and stop our bodies from creating other substances which produce inflammation and pain.

One thing to note is that before you start taking Asacol, be sure to tell your doctor if you have any type of known allergic reactions to Aspirin. Asacol is very similar to Aspirin and you should definitely let your doctor know if you can’t tollerate it before starting on Asacol.

As for people who have had success from Asacol for treating their ulcerative colitis, it surely can happen.  It was the case for me, although I was on a low dose of Prednisone – 10 milligrams a day starting. I highly suggest experimenting with this medication, by taking small doses during meals. Asacol is considered one of the least harmful drugs for treating ulcerative colitis. By using it, you will decrese your dependency to prednisone.

Gradually after a few months I was able to decrease my prednisone intake to 5 milligrams a day by using Asacol. This medication will help you slowly taper yourself off from using other harmful immune suppresents including remicade and humira which can cause cancer of the lymph nodes in some rare cases. Asacol on the other hand has a small risk of kidney disease, so I would suggest drinking plenty of water while using it, and stay far away from alchohol.

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