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Healing Ulcerative Colitis, a wellness company committed to empowering exceptional health with whole food based vitamins, functional foods, and educational resources. Patients recovering from a life-threatening illness need to make major life style changes. 

Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic digestive illness that affects the immune system is perceived by most physicians to be incurable. Doctors believe removing the diseased organ with surgery is the only practical method. Fortunately, we were determined and sought more than 50 alternative nutritional therapies throughout the world after conventional medicine and numerous hospitalizations failed. Questing for answers concluded when we began following a plant diet based on, history and science.

Changing ones diet to whole foods consumed in mankind’s early ancestry included raw, organically grown whole grains, fruits, vegetables, grass fed poultry and fish. Also adding a daily regimen of probiotics teeming with beneficial bacteria called plant based organisms greatly reduced inflammation. After gaining 29 pounds in 5 years, Benjamin knew he was finally on the right track. By his 30’s he was tipping the scales at more than 150 pounds, free from the devastating digestive problems that had plagued him for six years, and ready to restart his life. Because Benjamin was deeply moved by his restored health, he promised he would dedicate the rest of his life to sharing his health wisdom with the rest of the world and to transforming the health of the nation one life at a time. He and his wife, Jina, are eager to provide others with the educational resources, functional foods and whole food supplements that spurred Benjamin’s recovery, so in 2015 they founded Healing Ulcerative Colitis, a whole foods nutrition company. The company’s innovative products and commitment to efficacy quickly resounded with health conscious consumers around the world.

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